Qualcomm Q-Addition Cogeneration Plant and Data Center

Qualcomm Q-Addition Cogeneration Plant and Data Center

San Diego, California

Qualcomm Incorporated

13,500 SF

• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Plumbing Engineering
• Lighting & Controls
• Fire Alarm
• Construction Administration

Cogeneration Plant and Data Center

The Qualcomm Q-Addition Cogeneration Plant and Data Center was a design/build project with a very aggressive completion schedule. Design, permitting and construction from contract award to startup were completed in twelve months. The addition also presented some unique engineering challenges due to the importance of keeping the Broad heat recovery chiller fully loaded to meet self generation incentive plan (SGIP) efficiency requirements. Recognizing that the chilled water system temperature splits would not always be at full design, the plant was designed for variable primary flow. An industrial grade instrumentation system senses and controls flows to the various parts of the chiller plant and maximizes use of waste heat.

The Data Center has been designed for maximum reliability with 4MW of standby power in addition to 600 tons of dedicated air cooled chillers and pumping. Transitional cooling during loss and restoration of utility power while the air cooled chillers come up to full operation is provided by pumping from the Campus chilled water distribution piping.

The co-generation system is designed to operate in parallel with the electric utility, as well as in island mode during loss of utility power. Project responsibilities included coordination with SDG&E for both gas and electric services.

Design Included:
• High efficiency water cooled chilled water plant
• Heating water plant
• 1500 Ton absorption chiller
• Four 700 Ton electric chillers
• Two 300 Ton back-up air cooled chillers
• Central plant tower and pumps
• General power and lighting
• New service section
• Two 2 MW diesel generators
• 500 KW diesel generator
• 4.6 MW natural gas combustion turbine
• Co-generation system
• Arc flash calculations
• Short circuit calculations
• Exterior and interior lighting photometric calculations
• Fire alarm system
• Energy management control system
• Water and waste system modifications
• 6 million BTUH boilers
• Low flow water fixtures
• Compressed air system
• Data and voice network cabling
• Security intrusion and access control