Edward J. Schwartz Federal Office Building and U.S. Courthouse

Edward J. Schwartz Federal Office Building and U.S. Courthouse

San Diego, CA

U.S. General Services
Administration (GSA)
Region 9 9P-1 - San Francisco, CA

• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Plumbing Engineering
• Plumbing and Piping Systems
• Lighting & Controls

Chillers and Cooling Tower Replacement

LSW Engineers worked to assist with both the replacement of chillers and cooling towers for the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Office Building and U.S. Courthouse. The three (3) existing R-11 chillers, installed in 1976 and abandoned in 1999, were removed in favor of purchasing chilled water from a central plant. The piping system was designed so that the outside source could remain in use during the new work and in stand-by during commissioning and start-up. The cooling tower portion of the project consisted of the removal of three (3) existing cooling tower cells and associated platforms, as well as chemical treatment systems, basin filtering system, all condenser water supply and return piping, and domestic chilled water piping and supports. The new work consisted of Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical design.

Design Included:
• (3) 750 ton chillers
• Primary chilled water pumps
• Condenser water pumps
• Refrigerant monitor system
• (1) cooling tower cell with structural supports
• Condenser water supply and return piping
• Basin equalizer, overflow/drain and domestic chilled water piping
• Water treatment package and controls
• Variable frequency drives
• Centrifugal separator package with controls
• New electrical power panel
• Power to separator package
• Conduit and wire to future isolation valve locations