Engineering Design Services

Design Services

LSW provides innovative, cost-effective, and energy-efficient design solutions for building owners, developers, and operators. Our high quality designs are in nearly every major building in our geographic area. This broad based experience and the expertise of our professional staff allow us to undertake any engineering challenge within the parameters of our professional registrations.


Mechanical Services

LSW’s mechanical engineering department has experience in many of the various heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in nearly every type of facility. Our objective is to provide our clients with a comfortable facility using the most cost effective and efficient HVAC system available.

Electrical Services

Our electrical engineering department has an experienced staff that can meet the needs of your project in almost any type of facility. We strive to provide the most cost effective, efficient and durable design for every project.

Plumbing Services

From the plumbing fixture selection to a complex piping system design, LSW offers innovative and efficient plumbing designs for all types of facilities. Whatever the plumbing needs of your facility, LSW has skilled and knowledgeable plumbing system designers to fulfill all of your system’s requirements.

Technology Services

While technology continually changes and improves, LSW knows how important it is to have the right system installed in your facility. Whether integrating a new system into an existing facility or designing a brand new telecommunication infrastructure, we have the knowledge and experience to design your technology system.

Lighting & Controls Services

Lighting and controls are an important part of your project and we are committed to providing the most current technology solutions for your facility. We work diligently to integrate current and appropriate lighting technologies in conjunction with code compliant occupancy, day lighting, and dimming controls.

Sustainability Services

Increasing the overall efficiency and making your project sustainable is very important to LSW. The goal for all of our projects is to reduce utility and operating costs, lower building maintenance costs, prolong the life of your building, and to promote a healthier working environment.

Revit & BIM Services

LSW is also unique in the aspect that our designers are able to provide three-dimensional models of our projects through Revit and other Building Information Modeling software. These visualizations help the client see the finished product before construction begins and help resolve issues before they happen on site.

Fire Alarm Services

LSW specializes in Fire Alarm System design and has a staff devoted to Fire and Life Safety Systems design. Our knowledge of local and National Fire Codes, Building Codes, Electrical and Mechanical Codes provides our clients a level of comfort in knowing their project will be code compliant in all aspects of Life Safety.

Commissioning Services

LSW has a full time staff of field observers to make sure that our clients end up with a project that meets code standards and matches the requirements of the design construction documents and specifications. We offer a full menu of commissioning services to make sure that all aspects of your project are successfully completed.

Construction Administration Services

LSW is unique with a staff of full-time construction field observers. They bring a special expertise that is not available from anyone else. Not only are we involved in the construction process, but after the project is complete, we are a part of warrantee reviews and help with any post-construction issues.